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Safe Deposit Box Information

Safe deposit boxes are reported to our office after 5 years of no contact with the box owner(s). Contents must be mailed to our office with a report and are due November 1st.

Important Information on remitting the contents of SDB's:

  • Questionable Items: Our office does not accept the following items. If a box contains a non-acceptable item you must first list the item on your inventory and then label it as destroyed/trashed.
    • Toiletries/Personal Care Items/Food
    • Plastic Lighters/Matchbooks/Candles
    • Medications/Controlled Substances*/Tobacco
    • Needles/Razor Blades
    • Bodily Fluids (soiled handkerchiefs/tissues/tubing)
    • Fluids/Liquids
    • *Controlled substances should be taken to your local law enforcement officials for proper disposal.
    • If you have questions about specific items please contact the Unclaimed Holders Department at 785-291-3173 or send an Email to Kansas Holder Service at KSHolder@treasurer.ks.gov.
  • Packaging: All contents of a box should be sealed in an individual bag, envelope or box and labeled with the owner name. Be sure to tape all edges of the box and to use proper packing material. We have found loose coin in the bottom of boxes where the bottom of the box was not secured. Do not send glass containers. If a box is received that was not properly packaged, our office documents the situation and takes photos of the way the box was received.
  • Mailing: Kansas Law does not mandate how a box is delivered to our office. Generally, we receive boxes via certified mail (return receipt requested), a delivery service (UPS, FedEx) or a courier. If the box is walked into our office we will provide you with a receipt. Please note that firearms may not be mailed through the US Postal Service and a different delivery method must be used.
  • Discrepancies: Our office inventories the boxes under dual control and may call you if the contents found in the box are different than the inventory you submitted. Notes are added to the property documenting the discrepancies. Cash or coin found in the box may not be removed to collect past due rent or drilling fees.
  • Rolled Coins: Bank rolled coins can be inventoried as the face value of the bank roll. Non-bank rolled coins should be opened and counted (we find many foreign coin or incomplete homemade rolls) or put them on the inventory as "one roll said to contain $10 quarters". Please be aware that rolls will break if not properly packed and we will not be able to match your inventory if the rolls are broken.
  • Firearms: Please fill out the following form that verifies the firearm is not loaded. Firearms cannot be mailed through the US Postal Service.
  • Forms: