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U. S. Savings Bonds

The United States Treasury is currently holding more than $16 Billion worth of matured U.S. Savings Bonds that are no longer paying interest.  The amount issued to owners with addresses in Kansas is estimated to be over $151 Million.

Some states have attempted to claim these bonds under the states’ various unclaimed property acts like K.S.A. 58-2934, et. seq., but the U.S. Treasury has refused their claims because these states did not have title to the bonds.  They have also refused our own efforts to gain access to their records so that we can learn more about unclaimed U.S. Savings Bonds owned by Kansans.

The Kansas Legislature passed K.S.A. 58-3979 authorizing the State Treasurer’s Office to take title to these matured bonds.  We are pursuing litigation to take title to all matured U.S. Savings Bonds issued to owners with a last known address in Kansas, in order to return the funds to their rightful owners.  The Kansas State Treasurer’s Office currently returns between $14 Million and $16 Million in other unclaimed property each year. 

The following savings bonds no longer earn interest:



All issues


January 1980 through January 1983


All issues


January 1980 through January 1993

Savings Notes

All issues

A, B, C, D, F, G, J, K

All issues

To learn more about unclaimed savings bonds, search for yours, or file a claim, go to: http://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/tools/tools_treasuryhunt.htm.  You can search using the bond owner’s social security number for bonds issued after 1974, but if they were issued before then, you’ll need the bond number to search their records.  The U.S. Treasury has not entered data for all U.S. Savings Bonds on this website so they may be holding your bonds but you will not know it

You have until the hearing date of March 29, 2013 to claim your matured bonds from the U.S. Treasury.   Once we obtain title to these bonds, we will redeem them and place the original owners’ information on our website so the owners or their heirs can claim them from our office. 

If your name was listed in this published notice, the Treasurer's Office currently has your physical bond and you can claim it by contacting our office and filling out our claim form. The bond was most likely obtained from a safe deposit box owned by you or a family member that was delivered to our office as unclaimed property by a bank that does not have your current contact information.