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Information for First Time Filer Holders

What is unclaimed property?

All intangible property that is unclaimed by its owner for a specific period of time, called a dormancy period. Unclaimed property may include: dormant savings and checking accounts, unclaimed wages, dividends, credit balances and any type of outstanding checks.

What if I have property to report?

The Holder Guidelines Link at this page will give you information on how to file. You may download a holder packet from our website by clicking here or call our office to request one at 785.291.3173. If you have any questions after reading the guidelines or looking through our holder packet, please contact Jessica Schleif at 785.291.3173 or jessica@treasurer.ks.gov.

What if my company has failed to file a report & is out of compliance with the law?

Please contact the unclaimed property department for information on our voluntary compliance program. Inquiries may be e-mailed to jessica@teasurer.ks.gov or by phone at 785.291.3173.

What if I do not have property to report?

If you have examined your records and have determined that you are not holding unclaimed assets, you do not need to contact our office. Please examine your records yearly to stay compliant with the Unclaimed Property Laws.

How do I find out if the State Treasurer's Office is holding unclaimed assets in my name or business name?

Follow this link to look on our database or call our office at 1.800.432.0386 to check our database for properties belonging to you or your business. Our office receives almost 15 million dollars in unclaimed assets every year. Call us to see if some of it may belong to you!